南韓《專利法》修法: 3 倍懲罰性賠償 + 逆轉舉證責任

韓國《專利法》修法導入懲罰性賠償制度,自2019年7月9日起,侵害他人專利權、或專屬授權的行為若是出於故意 (intentional infringement of patent rights or exclusive license),法院得科以懲罰性賠償,金額最高可達認定損失的 3 倍,除了充分賠償受害人,更意在遏止產業歪風—–不肯協商(支付)合理權利金,而是先侵權再說。

Korea has officially adopted punitive damages for willful infringements of a patent right or a trade secret. Effective July 9, 2019, any intentional infringement of a patent right or its exclusive license in Korea shall be imposed punitive damages. The amount is up to three times the damages recognized by the court. The adoption of punitive measures is to ensure that the infringed right holders can be fully compensated and to curb unethical business practices in which competing market players prefer to infringing and paying damages, rather than negotiating and paying the appropriate licensing fees as provided by law.

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我立法院4月16日通過行政院 107年底提出的〈專利法部分條文修正草案〉,本次修法對內配合經濟法規的鬆綁,對外因應國際規範的調整,並進一步完善制度、提升審查效能,以利產業創新。其中重點內容包括:設計專利權保護期間由12年延長為15年,分割申請案之適用範圍及期限予以放寬等七項重點,扼要說明如下:

The amendment bill to Taiwan’s Patent Act approved by the Executive Yuan in late 2018 was passed on April 16, 2019, by the Legislative Yuan. It extends the term of protection for design patents from 12 to 15 years. The bill, originally proposed by the Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) early last year, aims to create a more robust patent protection system, enhance the case review efficiency of patent remedies and promote industrial innovation.

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英國脫歐在即:歐盟商標 (EUTMs)、設計 (RCDs) 權利影響一覽


本文聚焦英國商標與設計專利相關〈Trade marks and design if there’s no Brexit deal〉的近期更新內容。

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2018 台灣專利百大榜:台積、高通、SEL、工研院拔得頭籌


According to newly released government statistics, TSMC has been ranked No. 1 in residents’ patent applications with 944 cases, for three straight years since 2016, and No.1 in residents’ patent grants with 430 patents for the first time in 2018. As for non-residents’ patent activities, Qualcomm Inc took the first place with 1,011 applications and SEL (Semiconductor Energy Labor) with 474 grants.

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左起冠群陳怡安副理、吳珮琪副所長 、Kim&Chang律師 Duck Soon Chang、HL 資深律師 Michael Conwey、Dr. Daniel Chew、BSKB 資深合夥人 Robert Kenny、徐振康律師、Michael Smith律師、林佳慧律師、謝沛肴副理

冠群 – 臺美歐三區聯合講座:美國商標之合理商業使用要件、EPO 審查標準調整、英國脫歐影響及台灣著名商標判例

11月28日冠群邀請美英知名智財事務所 Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch, LLP (BSKB)、及 Haseltine Lake LLP (HL)的專家共同參與台美歐三區聯合講座,分別就台灣著名商標的訴訟判例、美國商標之商業使用要件、英國脫歐對歐洲商標與設計專利的影響、以及歐洲專利審查指南修訂情況等主題,給予精闢介紹及實務建議。

Experts from Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch, LLP (BSKB) and Haseltine Lake LLP (HL) were invited to speak at a joint seminar organized by Top Team on November 28, 2018. They presented a variety of topics including the “Trademark Use in Commerce” requirement and the Post Registration Proof of Use Audit Program in the US; Brexit’s Impact on EU trademarks and designs, and an Update on EPO’s Guidelines for Examination.

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