The Trademark Right Protection in Taiwan Customs

Protection policy for registered trademarks in Taiwan Customs: (1) filing an advice application with the Taiwan Customs by trademark proprietors; (2) when performing customs duties, if customs officers notice possible infringing goods that import/export to Taiwan, and shall notify the trademark proprietors and the importer/exporter at the same time; (3) trademark proprietors report specific import/export goods that infringe their trademark rights.

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Cooling-off period for trademarks

Cooling-off period is a period that both parties can negotiate for a settlement in the opposition stage. In practice, the purpose is to restrict the other party’s designated goods / services covered by the application during the negotiation. However, Taiwan does not have such provisions, but can file a request to postpone the examination of an opposition application based on the ongoing settlement. Herewith we summarized the relevant rules of cooling-off period in EU, UK, and Australia, and similar procedures in Taiwan.

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