全球知名法律服務評鑑機構 Chambers and Partners 於 2018年11月 底發行的 2019 年度全球法律服務指南 (Chambers Global) 及亞太區指南 (Chambers Asia Pacific) ,其中「智慧財產:專利及商標事務所」台灣區評比,冠群名列 Band 1(首選),所長洪澄文、副所長吳珮琪則分別名列傑出從業代表 (Eminent Practitioner) 及 Band 1 首選專家。冠群自2012年參與 Chambers and Partners 評鑑調查以來,在專利申請業務領域,一直保持著台灣區領先地位。

Top Team has been ranked “Band 1” in the practice area of “Intellectual Property: Patent & Trade Mark Agents in Taiwan” by Chambers Asia-Pacific since 2012, and by Chambers Global since 2018. Additionally, our founder and owner Henry Hong has been recognized as the “Eminent Practitioner” since 2015, as well as our managing director Peggy Wu, the “Band 1” lawyer since 2017.

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左起冠群陳怡安副理、吳珮琪副所長 、Kim&Chang律師 Duck Soon Chang、HL 資深律師 Michael Conwey、Dr. Daniel Chew、BSKB 資深合夥人 Robert Kenny、徐振康律師、Michael Smith律師、林佳慧律師、謝沛肴副理

冠群 – 臺美歐三區聯合講座:美國商標之合理商業使用要件、EPO 審查標準調整、英國脫歐影響及台灣著名商標判例

11月28日冠群邀請美英知名智財事務所 Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch, LLP (BSKB)、及 Haseltine Lake LLP (HL)的專家共同參與台美歐三區聯合講座,分別就台灣著名商標的訴訟判例、美國商標之商業使用要件、英國脫歐對歐洲商標與設計專利的影響、以及歐洲專利審查指南修訂情況等主題,給予精闢介紹及實務建議。

Experts from Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch, LLP (BSKB) and Haseltine Lake LLP (HL) were invited to speak at a joint seminar organized by Top Team on November 28, 2018. They presented a variety of topics including the “Trademark Use in Commerce” requirement and the Post Registration Proof of Use Audit Program in the US; Brexit’s Impact on EU trademarks and designs, and an Update on EPO’s Guidelines for Examination.

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2018年11月7日德國PATENTSHIP 事務所主持律師Dr. Robert Klinski 受邀至本所, 就EPO(歐洲專利局)目前審查績效制度對歐洲專利審查的影響,發表主題講座,並就實務上可能遭遇的問題,分享其多年累積的專業經驗。

On November 7, Dr. Robert Klinski, the Managing Director of PATENTSHIP Patentanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, was invited to share his observation on how EPO’s internal KPI system might have impacted the European Application Process and Result. He also gave applicants and agents valuable advice on how to avoid unwanted situations during the process.

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相較於其他國家的專利進步性審查,美國專利法第103條規定在概念上有其特殊之處,Quintero 搭配實際案例,深入淺出解說「顯而易見性」的核駁法律依據、實務參照標準 、申請案常見疏失、核駁後因應方式等課題。

Compared with the non-obviousness (inventive step) requirement for patentability in other countries, the 35 U.S.C. §103 determines obviousness in its own unique way. Quintero explained the legal and practical frameworks of obviousness rejections, in simple language, as well as the practical framework of response to obviousness rejections, and common errors or pitfalls in responses to obviousness rejections.

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著名英國《法律500強 (Legal500)》評鑑的2019年度評比出爐,再次將冠群列入「智財保護-專利申請」類台灣區 Tier 1 (最高等級)事務所,這是冠群 2013 年參與評鑑以來,連續 6年獲得最高肯定。另在台灣區「智財保護綜合類」評比,冠群也進榜位列 Tier 2。

Top Team has retained the “Tier 1 ” position in the “Intellectual Property – Prosecution, Taiwan” ranking for the 6th consecutive year since 2013; and our office has also been included in the “Intellectual Property” ranking for the first time, holding the “Tier 2” position.

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