Taiwan Patent and Trademark
Electronic Registration Certificates Services
will be implemented  from January 2023


To reduce paper printing and save delivery costs, and aim at the sustainable operation of energy conservation and carbon reduction, TIPO plans to open the public to apply for patents and trademarks electronic registration certificates from January 2023, and the system is expected to be launched officially online on the working day of January 3, 2023. Conducting electronic registration certificates services will make Taiwan’s intellectual property digital services more complete and in line with international trends, and also benefit the preservation and management of owners.

Mainly issued by electronic means, and supplemented with paper certificates

Under the operation of the new regulation in the future, and considering part of the applicants don’t use the e-filing and e-delivery system; it is available to choose to receive an electronic or paper registration certifications when obtaining patent registration certifications or paying trademark registration fees after launching the electronic registration certificates services officially online in the year of 2023. If applicants still need paper certificate documents, they can apply for copy paper certificates, and electronic registration-certificates will not replace paper certificates completely in the short term.

If applicants choose to receive registration certificates in an electrical way, then they can download the electronic registration certificates through the designated URL and verification code within six months after receiving official communications for issuance of registration  from TIPO, or they can use the e-delivery service of TIPO E-SET to obtain the same. Furthermore, applicants can also use an electronic certificate  to click “My Case Service” to look up the electronic registration certificates on TIPO Net.

In addition, the electronic registration certificates in PDF format issued by TIPO have an anti-counterfeiting mechanism design. If there is a verification requirement for authenticity and content accuracy in use, applicants can upload the soft copy of the certificates to TIPO “Certificates Inquiry System” or scan the QR codes on the certificates, so they can quickly check the validity of the certificate and get the latest right state.

The schedule of comprehensively digitized patent/trademark registration certificates

Although TIPO will implement the service for applicants to autonomously receive electric patent/trademark registration certificates from January 2023, considering the aim of sustainable operation of energy conservation and carbon reduction; it is expected to be directly replaced by electronic registration certificates directed to those who pay the registration fee with the virtual account of Taiwan Cooperative Bank at first after one year later (2024). At that time, TIPO will separately announce comprehensively digitized certificate schedule depending on the condition of the applicants’ receipt of certificate. Nevertheless, owners still can apply copy paper certificates on the basis of their actual needs, but the fee will also be adjusted to the cost trend accordingly. If you have any problem with electronic registration certificates services or patents and trademarks application management, please feel free to contact us.