Chambers AP & Global 2021 法律服務指南:冠群名列首選台灣專利商標所之一


Chambers AP & Globe 2021: TOPTEAM Ranked “Band 1″ Patent & Trade Mark Agents

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知名法律服務評鑑機構 Chambers and Partners 近月發布了法律事務所評鑑《2021 年度亞太區指南 (Chambers Asia Pacific 2021)》 及《 2021 年度全球指南 (Chambers Asia Pacific 2021) 》,其中「智慧財產:專利及商標事務所」類別的台灣區評比,冠群延續 Band 1(首選)佳績,所長洪澄文、副所長吳珮琪分別名列「資深事務所領導人 ( Senior Statespeople) 」及「 Band 1 首選專家」,本所專利部資深經理童敏昌二度獲評「 Band 2 優選專家」。冠群自2012年參與 Chambers and Partners 評鑑以來,成績保持領先同業。    

In the 2021 edition of the Chambers and Partner Guides, Top Team International Patent and Trademark Office (TOPTEAM) is once again ranked the “Band 1” Patent & Trademark Agent in Taiwan. Our firm has held the record for 10 years running. What is more, our president Henry Hong is named as one of the “Senior Statespeople” for the first time, following the “Eminent Practitioner” title since 2017. Our managing director Peggy Wu has been a “Band 1” expert since 2018 and senior technical manager Nick Tung, the “Band 2” expert, for the consecutive second year. 

評鑑介紹冠群:「在智財保護與布局規劃的服務領域表現突出,尤其是跨國專利與商標申請,專精特長包括設計專利相關事務,代理日本及台灣客戶的經驗豐富眾所周知,擅長技術領域包括生命科學、工程及高科技。」本所洪澄文所長也因其多年累積的雄厚經歷與業界名望,在前三年 Eminent Practitioners (傑出從業人物)評等的基礎上,今年入選為 Senior Statespeople;吳珮琪副所長、童敏昌資深經理則分別基於生醫與半導體等多元領域、以及機械與工業設計等專業的突出表現,被評為 Band 1 及 Band 2 專家。 

TOPTEAM has been described as “known for Standout group of experts offering advice on IP protection and portfolio management matters. Particularly well regarded in cross-border patent prosecution and trade mark work, including specific expertise concerning design patent prosecution. Notable experience representing Japanese and Taiwanese clients in a range of sectors, including life sciences, engineering and technology.” What is more, our president Henry Hong is named in the “Senior Statespeople” for his longstanding reputation for assisting clients on patent, trade mark prosecution work and IP strategy developments. Our managing director Peggy Wu is credited as a “Band 1 Lawyer” with her diverse patent prosecution practices and deep expertise in life sciences-related IP. Nick Tung, our senior technology manager, is recognized as a “Band 2 lawyer”, for his considerable patent prosecuting experience in the mechanical and consumer device sectors. 

Chambers and Partners 的法律事務所的業務評鑑始於1990年,每年評鑑結果可說是國內外一流企業與機構選擇法律服務時的重要依據。評鑑方法是彙整事務所資料、產業消息、與客戶回饋意見,將各地各領域的法律服務機構及專家,執業的專業度與經驗 (Technical legal ability) 、職業操守 (Professional conduct)、客戶服務( Client service) 、商業敏覺度 (Commercial astuteness)、嚴謹與負責度 (Diligence-Commitment) 及其他客戶重視的服務品質(例如服務團隊的人力素質、能否節約客戶時間花費等創新管理機制…)等面向逐一評量。 

Chambers & Partners is one of the most prestigious ranking directories in the legal industry worldwide. It has been identifying the best law firms and lawyers since 1990. Its directory guides now cover 200-plus countries and serve as a credible reference for practitioners, corporate counsels, in-house legal departments, and legal service buyers and suppliers. Chambers’s research team collects market data from firm submissions and interviews with clients, practitioners, as well as competitors. The intelligence gathered is then used to assess individuals’ performance in crucial service dimensions: technical legal ability, professional conduct, client service, commercial astuteness, diligence-commitment, and other qualities most valued by the clients.

評鑑結果 Ranking Results by Band 1~ Band 6

事務所與專家的評鑑結果分為六級,Band 1 為最高等級、依序而下到 Band 6;個人評鑑並就非常資深且頗孚眾望的產業指標專家,選出退居二線但仍深具重要性的 Senior Statesperson(資深事務所領導人)、業界影響力深遠的 Eminent Practitioners (傑出從業者)、及個別領域久負盛名的「業界之星 (Star)」。2021年度亞太區30個國家地區總計4,136 個事務所(或法律部門)納入評鑑,個人評鑑涵蓋相同地區的 7,443位律師及專利師;評鑑研究團隊並匯整分析其他地區的評鑑資料,以產生全球餘200個國家地區值得推薦的事務所名單。 

Based on the assessment’s outcome, law firms and individual practitioners are ranked in bands from 1 (highest) to 6 (lowest). For exceptional individuals, there are further categories like the “Senior Statesperson”, the “Eminent Practitioners”, and the “star” to better reflect their pivotal influence in the field. This latest edition of the Chambers AP guide ranked 3,703 departments of law firms  and 7,443 lawyers and IP attorneys in 30 jurisdictions. The market intelligence gathered during the research process would also generate the Global Ranking Table which reflects the top lawyers and law firms in over 200 jurisdictions across the world.