TOPTEAM’s Attorney Provides Patent Search and Drafting skill Training Session for Graduate Students in NCKU


TOPTEAM’s patent attorney Henry Lin was invited to share his expertise in patent search and drafting with undergraduate and graduate students at the National Cheng Kung University on Oct 28, 2020. The techniques shared, during two half-day sessions, are very useful in preparation for patent application and strategy planning.

The first session is designed to help law practitioners handle patent litigation with a better understanding of reasonable claim interpretation. That session is a part of the course “COMPARATIVE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW (智慧財產權比較法研究)” provided by the Graduate Institute for Legal Sciences (GILS).

Mr. Lin started off with an introduction to the patent application process with a focus on patent claim drafting. He elaborated what makes a good claim for both defensive and offensive purposes by reviewing typical patent documents; then used claim drafting exercises to help participants get familiar with claim wording and be able to develop a clear sense of reasonable claim interpretation in patent prosecution or in a lawsuit. Many participants, who tried patent drafting for the very first time, have found that exercise very challenging.

The other session is aimed at local and foreign medical professionals who may patent their research results or innovative ideas at work. It is a  part of the “Medical Device Innovation-Biodesign Courses (醫療器材創新設計)” at the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Mr. Lin particularly put a focus on prior art searches. In the early research phrase, a prior search enables researchers to find patent documents of relevant inventions, weight on the value of further applications, and devise the filing strategy accordingly. He also led group exercises that participants can learn to filter out useless search results with search tools.

Mr. Lin has joined TOPTEAM in 2017. He received his bachelor’s degree in chemical mechanical engineering from National Taiwan University and his master’s degree in material science and engineering from the Texas A&M University. He specializes in patent searching, drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the fields of mechanical engineering, display technologies, and semiconductor materials.