政府推動新南向政策以來東協與南亞國家的快速經濟發展逐漸成為國人注目焦點對於尋求新市場與生產基地的台商尤其具有吸引力為了幫助有意南向發展的企業制定市場策略時能充分考慮智慧財產保護完整布局與加值發展等面向經濟部智慧局與專利師公會攜手 新南向智慧財產研討會邀請四國智慧局專家及六國專利代理人來台就各國專利法制審查要點專利申請與權利保護的落實等焦點議題提供精闢介紹及面對面實務交流

The booming economy and rapid market growth in the southeast and south Asian countries have become the focus of public attention in Taiwan since the government announced the “New Southbound Policy”, one of Taiwan’s most ambitious international outreach programs ever. The related topics are particularly attractive to businesses exploring new markets or looking for new manufacturing bases.

To help interested businesses getting ready for the southbound markets and able to align market plans with overall consideration of their IP protection strategies, TIPO (The Intellectual Property Office) and TWPAA (Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association) organized a seminar on “IP Landscape in New Southbound Countries” and invited the intellectual property office officials and patent attorneys, from Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India, to give incisive introductions to the current patent system each country, including application requirements, patent examination practices, the time limit for OA response, patent term, IP enforcement systems, etc.





經濟部智慧財產局近期公開2018年工作成果根據年報統計發明專利申請方面全年 41,991件實體審查結案 39,528 件初審首次通知平均需時 8.7 個月審結平均需時 14 個月審查效率穩步提升已然超越歐美紀錄設計專利申請方面初審首次通知平均需時 6.1 個月 審結平均需時 7.4 個月維持近年穩定水準。

According to the annual report newly released by TIPO (Taiwan Intellectual Property Office), there were 41,991 requests for substantive examination of invention patent applications and 39,528 disposals of them in 2018. The yearly average disposal pendency was down to 14 months for invention patents and 8.7 months for a first office action. Both have hit a ten-year low and outperformed the current records in the US and the EU.