IP Star 評鑑:冠群保持同業領先地位


Top Team Ranked “Tier 1” IP Star

Managing Intellectual property(2019) 《智慧財產權管理》雜誌 IP Stars 評鑑

權威智財雜誌 Managing Intellectual Property 《知識財產權管理》6月公布年度評鑑 IP Star的最新結果,在專利申請業務領域的台灣區評比,冠群連續第6年名列 Tier 1 (最高等級)事務所。

For the sixth year in a row, Top Team has been ranked “Tier 1” by Managing Intellectual Property IP STARS for its “Patent prosecution” practice in Taiwan and overseas.  

2018年版 IP Star 研究編輯,以「可靠、積極且提供高品質服務的事務所」形容本所,並引述一位受訪產業分析師的看法:「冠群在許多個技術領域打下深厚根基,也能夠將其豐富學識,轉化為高效可行的智財保護策略。」

In the 2018 edition of the IP Stars, Top Team is referred to as a “reliable, responsive and high-quality” firm. The editorial commentary also includes a market commentator’s feedback adding “Top Team International has in-depth knowledge about many different technological fields and is capable of transforming this knowledge into efficient and successful IP Strategies.” 

事務所的服務受肯定之外,本所所長洪澄文再次獲選為「專利之星」及「商標之星」;副所長吳珮琪獲選為「專利之星」及「全球 250位 最具影響力的女性智財人物」;此外本所資深專利師童敏昌也因其豐富經驗與紮實技術背景,獲得 IP Star 特別推薦。

Moreover, our founder and owner Henry Hong and executive senior legal counsel Julia Liu have been named the “Patent Star and Trademark star” since 2015. Our managing director Peggy Wu has been named the “Patent Star” and the “Top 250 Women in IP” since 2017, and executive senior tech manager Nick Tung is recommended for his experience and solid tech knowledge.  

Managing Intellectual Property 隸屬於歐洲最大財經法律媒體集團,雜誌社主辦的 IP Star 年鑑,自1996年起,透過廣泛的產業調查分析,評比出全球82個國家地區值得推薦的智慧財產權服務事務所與首選專家,固定於每年第二季公開年度評鑑結果。IP Star 與 Legal 500 及 Chambers and Partner 等國際媒體,所提供的評鑑紀錄,可說是大型及跨國企業挑選法律服務時的重要參考。

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