Cross-Strait Exchange Seminar on Trademark and Patent Practices


Bilingual Version

On September 20, 2018, the partners of Lung Tin International Intellectual Property Agent. Ltd (“Lung Tin”), Zang Meizhen, Wu Di, Hong Yan, Yu Shun, and Zheng Taiqiang visited Top Team and shared about the current development of Trademark and Patent Practice in China.

Boosted by government policies, the number of valid registered trademarks in China grows fast and is now close to 15 million. That also brings along challenges such as trademark squatting, confusing similarity among other issues for trademark owners. As for patent prosecution and enforcement, any company with an expanded market reach or with an increase in patenting activities may find strategic thinking has become crucial in the face of the baffling complexity of patent protection.

For these reasons, Top Team and Lung Tin jointly held a Cross-Strait seminar to share the industrial practices with each other. The presenters gave overviews of Trademark and Patent protection in China and Taiwan, shared typical invalidity and infringement cases and exchanged their winning tactics.

Founded in Hong Kong in 1994, Lung Tin International Intellectual Property Agent. Ltd. (“Lung Tin”) is one of the first Chinese intellectual property firms approved by the government to represent international clients in China. As a prominent full-service IP firm, Lung Tin focuses on high-quality legal services and has handled many high-profile cases which might be later listed as “Typical Cases” or yearly “Top Ten Cases” by professional associations.

Lung Tin currently has about 160 attorneys out of over 365 staffs and is headquartered in Beijing with branch offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xi’an, Shenyang, Shenzhen Osaka and New York.