IAM 1000 & IAM 300 評鑑:冠群獲多項肯定


IAM 1000 and IAM 300 Recognize Top Team with Top Honors

IAM Patent 1000(2019) IAM 1000 全球優選專利事務所

IAM Strategy 300: The World Leading IP strategists 2019

每年評比全球專利事務所的英國媒體 IAM ,3月出版最新評鑑結果:2019年《IAM Patent 1000》指南,其中專利申請的業務類別,冠群持續名列最高等級「Gold Band」,這個肯定來自 IAM 研究員深入產業的研究調查結果,尤其是客戶與合作夥伴的高度評價。

Top Team has been recognized by IAM Patent 1000 for for its high-quality patent prosecution service in Taiwan. Our firm is ranked in the Gold band in which firms and individuals, among IP practitioners worldwide, attract the most positive comments from sources. 


According to the new released  IAM Patent 1000 guide, Top Team is commended for its prompt and reasonably priced service, cognizance of client needs, great job of communicating with both staff and clients, thorough grasp of complex matters, great attention to detail as well as its well-trained professionals with strong technical capabilities and good work ethic.

本所有三位主管被選為傑出人物,該指南首先推薦擁有東京大學機械碩士、且投身專利撰寫、申請及訴訟業務逾30年的洪澄文所長,形容他「口才辨給…認真傾聽客戶的想法」;對於副所長吳珮琪的個人特質,指南亦多有著墨「….無論面對多大壓力,都能保持冷靜態度與清晰思考能力….」,並隨後宣布她入選「2019年 IAM 300 全球智慧財產權策略專家」 ( IAM Strategy 300: The World Leading IP strategists 2019 )。

The Guide also honors our president Henry Hong and managing director Peggy Wu. Henry Hong, the University of Tokyo alumnus has racked up over three decades’ experience of drafting, filing and litigation support, is described as “a silver-tongued attorney who truly listens to what clients say”. Peggy Wu is described as ” sharing  Hong’s eloquence; she unfailingly keeps her cool in times of stress, always maintaining clarity of thought no matter how much pressure is brought to bear…..” Later IAM also announced that Peggy Wu is selected as one of the World Leading IP strategists in 2019. 

IAM 隸屬於大型英國法律媒體集團 Global Business Media Group,主要從事智慧財產領域的內容出版、行銷及活動策畫,出版品包括鑑別專利師、律師及事務所專業水準的《IAM Patent 1000》及《IAM Strategy 300》指南,兩本指南透過自身市場調查以及訪問執業專家與企業法務等方式,彙整出年度評鑑結果,調查範圍擴及全球 48個國家(地區)及美國 18 個州,詳細資料請參考IAM網站說明。

IAM, as a leading IP media platform owned by Globe Business Media Group, produces a wide range of publications, including IAM Patent 1000 Guide and IAM Strategy 300 Guide that identify individual and firm expertise in all major areas of patent law and practice in 48 important jurisdictions and 18 U.S. states. These guides are compiled through interviews with private practice attorneys and corporate counsel as well as its market research. Further information about the guide can be found here.